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How Does Annual Compliances Of Section 8 Company Work For You?

Non-fulfillment of compliance requirements will result in payment of penalties up to Rs. 1 lakh a year and may also get blacklisted.


  What are Section 8 Companies?

A Section 8 company is formed with the objective of promoting commerce, arts, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, and protection of the environment. in a country. Though they are authorized to run a business and earn a profit, the profit can only be utilized for meeting company objectives, and cannot be shared among the members. amit kumar

  What Are The Benefits Of Section 8 companies?

No requirements of minimum paid-up share capital or appointment of a Company Secretary.

  Checklist For Annual Compliance

Appointment of An Auditor: Under section 139 of the Companies Act 2013, it is mandatory for companies to appoint an auditor. The book of accounts and annual returns of the company shall be maintained. amit kumar

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   Compliance For Section 8

All the benefits of a Section 8 company, such as the ability to raise funds in the form of donations and contributions achieved through disciplined compliance.

   Immediate compliance after incorporation

A Section 8 company is required to appoint the First Auditor within 30 days from the date of its incorporation to take care of all annual financial filings of the company.

   What are the Tax Compliances for a Section 8 Company?

A Section 8 company is liable to pay corporate tax as prescribed by the Income Tax Act. But, it can claim certain income to be excluded in calculating the total income which is applicable to income tax. The compliances to be fulfilled to claim such an exemption are

FAQs on Annual Compliances for Section 8 Companies

Yes. However, it can be only done as per the rules specified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Yes. By fulfilling the conditions specified by the relevant provisions under the Income Tax Act, Section 8 Companies can claim full exemption.

Yes. By fulfilling the conditions specified by the relevant provisions under the Income Tax Act, Section 8 Companies can claim full exemption.

Failure to appoint an Auditor is punishable with a fine of Rs. 25,000 which may extend up to Rs. 5,00,000

Failure to file Annual Returns is punishable with a fine of Rupees 50,000 which may extend to Rupees five lakh.



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