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How Does The Rent And Lease Agreement Work?

As means to avoid unnecessary disputes, a Rent and Lease agreement between the tenant and the landlord is defined and the same is mutually agreed and signed for a period of eleven months



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  What is a Rental Agreement?

A rental agreement protects the interests of both the landlord and tenant. The terms of the agreement bring clarity to the arrangement, such that the consideration, rights and obligations of both parties, and the rental term are established. In most Indian cities, rental agreements last only 11 months to protect against rental control laws. Agreements with a longer term need to be registered.

  Advantages of a Rental Agreement

Fosters Good Relations

A comprehensive agreement, protecting the rights of both landlord and tenant, is essential to a good business relationship between the two parties. Legal Protection When a deal involves such a large asset, you need a document in place that offers legal protection in case any action of the opposing party contradicts its terms.

  Checklist for obtaining A Succession Certificate

If at that time the deceased did not have a fixed place of residence, a petition to the district judge within whose jurisdiction any part of the property of the deceased may be found.

  How Vakilsearch Helps In Procuring A Succession Certificate

We will connect you with experienced lawyers, who will prepare the application for a Succession Certificate after collecting all the required documents.

If the district judge is satisfied with the preparation of the petition, an opportunity will be granted to hear the person who, in his/her opinion, should be heard. After hearing from all parties, the judge will decide the right of the petitioner, to be granted the Succession Certificate. The judge would then pass an order to grant the certificate.

  Documents required for Succession Certificate

The death certificate of the deceased, with the time of death.

Residence or details of properties of the deceased at the time of death, within which the jurisdiction falls under.

Details of family or other relatives of the deceased.

The rights of the petitioner.

  Rights of the copyright owner

Under the Indian Copyright Act 1957, copyright protects the social, economic and legal interests of the author. The copyright owner is entitled to the following exclusive rights.

FAQs on Will Registration

There is no prescribed form of a will. In order for it to be effective, it needs to be properly signed and attested. It must be initialed by the testator at the end of every page and next to any correction and alteration.

The registration of a document provides evidence that the proper parties had appeared before the registering officers and the latter had attested the same after ascertaining their identity.

A will is to be registered with the registrar/sub-registrar with a nominal registration fee. The testator must be personally present at the registrar’s office along with witnesses.

No stamp duty is required to be paid for executing a Will or a codicil. A will, therefore, need not be made on stamp paper.

If a certificate is granted in a foreign country, by an Indian representation accredited to that country, it should be stamped in accordance with the Court Fees Act 1870 to have the same effect in India as a certificate granted in India.





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